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California Latino Leaders Voice Disappointment in Open Letter to Romney

Today, California Latino leaders released an open letter calling on Mitt Romney to reconsider his economic plan that would eliminate all taxes on corporations' foreign profits and give companies incentives to send American jobs overseas. Below is the letter:

Dear Governor Romney,

Today we write to you as community leaders, elected officials, labor organizers, small business owners and young voters to voice our disappointment in your record as an outsourcer of American jobs.

In each of our different roles, we’ve seen that keeping jobs in the United States strengthens California’s economy, helping our businesses grow and supporting investments in our innovators who are changing our world.

California’s economy will only grow if Latinos have the chance to go as far as their hard work and talent will take them. While the President speaks to voters about his plans to move the country forward with investments in education, energy, innovation, infrastructure, and by reforming the tax code, you have yet to present a plan that will create a single job now or otherwise help the Latino community.

Instead, one of the few plans you detail would eliminate all taxes on corporations’ foreign profits and give companies incentives to send American jobs overseas. Instead of closing corporate loopholes or giving tax breaks to companies that keep jobs here at home – as President Obama has proposed to do – your policies would encourage outsourcing and weaken middle-class security.

That’s why Latinos are deeply concerned with your record as governor, when you created or raised more than 1,000 taxes and fees on the middle class while leaving the state in massive debt and sinking Massachusetts to 47th in the nation in job creation.

Your record mirrored your time as a corporate-buyout specialist, when you made a fortune by shuttering plants, firing workers and investing in companies that were pioneers in shipping American jobs overseas. You helped companies like Modus Media put 200 Californians out of work as the company expanded into countries like Mexico and China.

With this record, the Latino community is concerned that if you’re elected president, you will leave the middle class out to dry. You will blow a hole in the deficit to give more tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, gut investments in education and clean energy, encourage outsourcing, and put taxpayers at risk by once again letting Wall Street write its own rules.

Latino families can’t afford Romney Economics. We need to continue down the path President Obama has set us on and create an economy built last – because after years of watching jobs get shipped away, we are finally starting to see jobs return to California. Under the President’s leadership, American businesses have created 4.4 million jobs over the past 28 months, and American manufacturers are creating jobs again for the first time since the 1990s. Though there is more to be done, we have started to turn a corner.

No political spin can obscure your record as an outsourcer or your vision for the nation, Governor Romney. Your economic philosophy prioritizes your own profits above all else, even if it means betting against America and its workers.

The Latino community – and the rest of California – needs a leader who is betting on us and betting on America. That’s why we support President Obama and his vision for a job-creating economy that puts the middle class first.


Gil Cedillo, CA Assemblymember
David Alvarez, San Diego City Councilmember
Andre Quintero, Mayor of El Monte, CA
Alex Rooker, Vice-Chair of California Democratic Party
Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Javier Gonzalez, 2012 Democratic National Convention Delegate/California Democratic Party Executive Board Representative
Nora Campos, CA Assemblymember
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