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Latino Heritage Month: Celebrando nuestra comunidad

As Iowa gets ready to start voting on Thursday, Jeannette Acosta takes a look at how the Latino community in Des Moines is organizing for President Obama.

Recently in Des Moines, we kicked off Latino Heritage Month at the 10th Annual Latino Heritage Festival. Latinos hailing from cities across Iowa attended to see all that the Festival had to offer, including our Latinos for Obama booth.

Throughout the two-day festival, our OFA volunteers along with our special guest, Senator Tom Harkin, engaged attendees and helped them register to vote for the first time, sign up to vote by mail, and learn about volunteer opportunities. This weekend also provided us with the chance to share our personal stories and let folks know that we are all in this together and need to come together as a community to re-elect President Obama.

As we continue to celebrate our rich history and cultural traditions during Latino Heritage Month, please consider making history by joining our growing Latinos for Obama community in Iowa and making your voice heard in this critical election by committing to vote early on September 27th in Iowa.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about voting early in Iowa, please check out our one-stop online shop for voter information:

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