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Volunteers in Las Cruces come together to fight for a higher minimum wage

Working Americans across the country are struggling to get by because our minimum wage is too low. This issue isn't just about teenagers—entire families rely on income from minimum-wage jobs to make ends meet. Raising the wage would give these families a leg up, while also benefiting the economy.

That's why OFA volunteers in Las Cruces, New Mexico, are taking action at the local level to encourage their lawmakers to raise the city's minimum wage.

One of these volunteers is Becky, a retired teacher who has lived in Las Cruces for almost 40 years. Through volunteering with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), she has worked with families dependent on minimum-wage jobs and seen how living—and spending—in Las Cruces is nearly impossible for these Americans.

Becky believes that her city deserves the opportunity to vote on raising the minimum wage, so she has gathered signatures nearly every day outside local businesses.

Check out these other highlights:

Volunteers are making progress in Las Cruces, but this is just the beginning for this fight. You can help make sure that a higher minimum wage is available to all Americans. Voice your support for a higher minimum wage by signing our petition to lawmakers across the country.

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