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Lansing is Dialed IN for Obama 2012 and Asking their Neighbors to be In Too!

Lansing — Last Tuesday, most Michiganders were watching the results of local elections across the Wolverine State. And just down the street from the state’s capitol, Team Lansing was keeping its eyes on 2012.

James Marshall calling

Volunteer veterans James M., Dan B., and Nancy Y. helped call nearly 200 of their neighbors in Ingham County to keep Michigan moving forward. It was the team’s first phone bank since the “I’M IN” campaign re-ignited the movement for change and the urgency of giving President Obama another 4 years in office was palpable.

"I'm in to help the most dynamic president in US history get re-elected, protect his successes, and continue unifying and protecting the American people!" James said.

Earlier in the afternoon, Team Lansing met to discuss the importance of beginning the drive for 2012 now. The members watched a video from Obama for America campaign manager Jim Messina, then discussed on their own how the need to measure their outreach would be critical to keeping the Mid-Michigan campaign on track. Joining the team meeting for the first time was volunteer Tyson C. He shared the excitement for the work lying ahead.

“We need to protect what is fair, right, and just!” Tyson said.

If you can help lay the groundwork for victory in 2012, call 517-515-9154! You could be the difference in winning elections and America’s future!

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