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Landyn: Why I give

Landyn is a student and a Pharmacy Tech at Kroger in Ohio. He’s also a big supporter of President Obama.

“I think the President has done a phenomenal job. A lot of people forget where we came from in 2008 and President Obama has led the national comeback. I really respect his handling of the presidency. The health care initiative has meant a lot to me and many of my friends. I fall in that cohort of 20-year-olds who now don’t have to worry about gaps in our health insurance because we can stay on our parents’ plan until we’re 26.

“We as the people need to help though. The President can only do so much. So to anyone thinking of contributing to the campaign, I would say that extra money translates to extra feet on the ground, extra offices, and more ways to get out the vote. Donations give us the wherewithal and ability to move forward.”

Stand with Landyn and join the 2.7 million people who have already donated to the campaign.


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