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Labor Day with Joe Biden

Vice President Biden on Labor Day in Detroit

"We know you workers are the solution. We know who built this country and who will rebuild it."
—Vice President Joe Biden in Detroit

At a Labor Day street parade in Detroit today, the Vice President spoke to union members, their families, and neighbors. Here’s what some folks had to say about the holiday visit:


"I'm a lifelong Democrat and believe in what the Democrats stand for. I want to see President Obama re-elected. The auto industry is doing better, and we need to protect the middle class. I'm seeing improvements in my neighborhood since the auto rescue, with abandoned houses now being rehabilitated."
—Ike, auto electrician and United Auto Workers member

“Obama is the only real choice in this election. He inspired me in 2008 and has the potential to create great change in four more years. Especially on immigration, which is important for young people in Southwest Detroit.”


"The speech was electrifying and boosted me up for the election. The health care issue hits home for me. I was born with kidney failure and have been on dialysis my whole life. I've seen improvements in my coverage already. I don't have to pay for my prescriptions anymore. I've also seen an improvement in the economy. But it takes time. That's why we need four more years."
—Cordero, voter registration volunteer in Fenton, Michigan

"The speech did a great job of hitting on local issues, plus Medicare and Social Security. The Republicans offer no solutions. People need to understand that. It's why I'm motivated to volunteer."
—William, volunteer from White Lake, MI

"We're here to support democracy and President Obama, working families and working people.”

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