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Summer Fellows train in Baton Rouge

On Saturday, June 9th, over 25 Summer Organizing Fellows attended training in Baton Rouge. With eight trainers on site, the Fellows not only learned how to organize communities, persuade voters, and use the tools necessary to accomplish those tasks. They also became even more inspired to help President Obama win in November. Jan K., a new Fellow, had this to say about the training:

“The Fellows Program" is a very accurate name. The feeling of true fellowship was inspiring. It was wonderful hearing the stories of what brought all of us, by very different paths, to this wonderful opportunity to become Summer Fellows and to the campaign. The State Director and other trainers got us all "fired up" and “ready to go!”

The Summer Fellows will play a vital role to the campaign. This is a campaign built upon a grassroots effort – neighbors talking to neighbors and volunteers making calls and knocking on doors. According to Phillip S., a Regional Field Director, “The Summer Fellows of 2012 are crucial because they are fresh, equipped, eager and skilled to help set us up to reach our ultimate goal of 270 electoral vote. Not to mention the new wave of enthusiasm and energy they bring.”

During their training, the Fellows learned extensively about the tools at their disposal. Landon B. at first thought it would be daunting, “Who wouldn't be a little intimidated by Vote Builder, Dashboard, Twitter, or anything else they’re trying for the first time? These fears where quickly disbanded though.” Now Jan and the rest of the Fellows are ready to get out there and win: “I am very honored and excited to get out there and help people to understand through messaging, on the phone or face to face, how much our President and First Lady truly care about us and moving this country forward. The alternative is terrifying. So, let get it done!”

Join the Fellows in reelecting President Obama by signing up to volunteer today!


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