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A Team Name Matters

Troy Tasha

The "Red to Blue" team in the St. Mary Parish Region Team Turf held a successful and exciting Core Team Member Orientation at an area community college in Franklin. The meeting was organized by Troy and Tasha. They are married to each other and were both 2011 summer organizers. After the summer organizers program ended, they continued to lead in their turf. Although they are both full time educators, working on their advanced degrees and parenting a wonderful toddler, Troy is now the Neighborhood Team Leader and Tasha is the Canvass Core Team Member on the team. The former summer organizers have set the bar really high for the team with their continued efforts of changing the region team turf parishes from red to blue.

"The team's name is a constant reminder of our hopes, beliefs and the work it will take for change." - Troy D.

DSCN0136 (2)

The team meeting was attended by some of the community elders who offered many ideas that will fortify the region's grassroots efforts. Lucy W. committed to being the faith outreach coordinator to reach out to local churches and get their congregations involved in voter education. The team's volunteer coordination will be led by Agnes J. She made a commitment to track and bring along those who are interested in volunteering, joining the team, and attending subsequent team meetings.

Team "Red to Blue" also scheduled a weekly meeting time and place.

During the meeting, the team discussed the upcoming local general elections in November and the need to be adequately prepared. Anthony explained the great importance of showing support for our President by volunteering now with the campaign and then getting enough votes to win the 2012 election while at the same time being aware of and supporting local issues and concerns.

"Along with building our team, the American Jobs Act is at the top of our voter contact action items right now."
Therefore, we are writing letters to the editor and we encouraged attendees to call our current Congressional Representatives in support of the American Jobs Bill, because we can't wait!

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