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Story #18: Kyle, a 14 year old NTL was just 10 when he first knocked on doors for Barack Obama


Yesterday was a pretty special day for Kyle, our 14 year old Neighborhood Team Leader here in Merrimack. What made it so special? Well, Kyle got to live out one of his greatest dreams: he got to meet the President - a moment he has dreamt of since he knocked on his first door for the President when he was just 10 years old back in 2008. It’s the hard work of volunteers like Kyle that will get the President another four years in the White House. So, we’re sharing Kyle’s story in our 50 stories you have to hear before you vote.

Here he is:

“I arrived early, because it’s not every day you get to meet the President of the United States! I was standing alongside some pretty incredible people, also waiting in line to meet him. I couldn’t believe that 14 year old me was standing there alongside them. When it got to my turn I told him why I was there, I told him that I had spent over 120 hours working to get him re-elected as a fellow out in Merrimack. His response: 'thanks so much Kyle, thanks for giving up your time to do this, I know you could be spending it somewhere else.' Yeah I guess I could, but I know that I’m literally fighting for my family’s future right now. I wouldn't want to spend a single one of those hours anywhere else.”

“I was 10 when I knocked on my first door for Barack Obama. I walked the streets of Merrimack with my dad, helping out wherever I could. I saw how much it meant to him. My dad is currently working 3 jobs. He just doesn’t have the time to help out like he would want. So, when he got the call asking whether we’d want to get involved again, he knew I would jump at the chance to get back out on the doors.”

“I’m volunteering for my family. For my brother who is gay and can now marry the person he loves. For my dad, because I just don’t see how he can work another job just to afford a Romney tax hike, and, for myself, because I want to be able to attend the best college that I can, not just the college that I can afford. It’s why I’ve given 120 hours of my time to this campaign, and it’s why I’m going to give a whole lot more over the next 18 days.”

“Knowing how much he appreciated my work and the work of millions of volunteers who are out their every day for him has only motivated me more. We have just 18 days left. It means earlier starts and later finishes, but if we can reach those few extra voters who will decide this election, then it will make it worthwhile. Giving this time now is the only way I'll secure my family's future.”


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