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The Battle of the States


It’s one month before early vote begins in Ohio. We need to get out there.

So, on September 8, we’ll be packing a 40-passenger bus full of Obama supporters for a day of canvassing and voter registration in Ohio.

Indiana is too. And we want to send more than them. They’re going to be a formidable opponent, but I think we can do it.

A couple things you should know: In the past 40 years, anyone who has become President won the state of OH. As you can imagine, this state is crucial for President Obama to win. In addition to Kentucky, there are three other states (IN, WV and NY) who are all putting their time and energy to help persuade, register and get out the vote in OH.

This Saturday, September 8, Team Kentucky and Team Indiana are doing just this. Let’s outnumber them.

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