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Meeting the President

strohs potus

A couple weeks ago, Sam Stroh of Prairie Village made a donation to the President where he had a chance to win a trip to meet the President. Here's how he described it:

I was on Twitter, just scrolling through, and this came up, a chance to have dinner with President Obama and some basketball stars. And my wife said, ‘You know how many people are gonna enter that contest?’ A few days later I got a phone call.

Sam was one of the lucky winners who had the opportunity to attend the Obama Classic. Here's how he described the experience:

Throughout the night, in our three or four interactions with [the President], he always thanked us for being teachers. So it’s nice to know it means so much to him. [His support for education] is important to me because in my experience at college, every semester my tuition and fees went up. My options were to either drop out or take out more loans and keep plugging away, so that’s what I did. Education should be affordable for all, not just a select few.

The thing I’ll take away from this—throw the political stuff away for a second and take just the person we were able to meet, and the character he has and what he stands for—it was so amazing. Now I can discuss that with people who want to talk about the election. Being a coach, teacher, and father, it’s not easy to find time. But being involved in the political process—not only voting, but spreading the word and talking about it with friends and family—is a key part of this

This week is the last chance to win a Dinner with Barack. No matter who you are or where you're from the President is interested in hearing from you. So give what you can and enter today to help re-elect President Obama!

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