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#Fellow2012 Spotlight: Bailey Evans

I had the opportunity to ask some questions of Bailey Evans to see how she’s enjoying her time as an Organizing for America Fellow in Topeka, Kansas.

What’s the best part of being a fellow?

As a fellow, you run into a lot of people who are very different in almost every way, but they all come together to support the President. It's an amazing reminder that people don't have to be similar to unite towards a common goal.

What got you interested in being an organizer?

I want to contribute to the Obama campaign and feel like I had a hand in his reelection. I’m also interested in politics and I feel that learning how to be a community organizer will help me best support causes that I care about.

What is it like being an organizer in Kansas?

As an organizer in a red state, you run into a lot of people who call themselves Republican or conservative, yet many of them support President Obama. They may not identify with the Democratic party, but they believe in him and the work he's doing in the White House. This bipartisan support reaffirms my belief that it's vital he is reelected.

What inspires you to make a difference in your community?

I'm inspired to make a difference in my community because I see so much potential in it—I see problems that need fixing. These problems are ones that Obama is targeting and working on fixing: lack of health care, joblessness, poverty, and inequality for the LGBT community. Seeing the potential that my community has to grow and build for future kids like me growing up here is what inspires me.

How have President Obama’s policies affected you personally?

As a high school student looking towards college, President Obama's student loan reform will greatly affect me. This policy will allow me to receive the best education possible, something I might not be able to pursue if I'm weighed down by student loans. Also, the Affordable Care Act will allow me to focus on building a career I love without worrying about health insurance until I'm 26.

How have you enjoyed the experience of being a fellow?

So far, being a fellow has been great. Every day I'm meeting new people who are like me: they want to see President Obama in the White House in 2013.

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