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Knoxville Day of Action

Knoxville's Team Hopeee

The National Day of Action was a huge success in Knoxville where two voter registration booths were staffed simultaneously by local volunteers at two key locations in the city. With 100% scheduled volunteer participation and several additional volunteers stopping by to help out, local support was amazing. In fact, even the weather cooperated and stayed relatively cool and rain-free throughout the day. The first booth, manned by “Team Hopeee”, was setup at the weekly Farmer’s Market in downtown Knoxville in Market Square and saw an excellent turnout. With a strongly young demographic at the Farmer’s Market, Team Hopeee reported a large number of the voters registered during their event were first time voters. Great work, registering 51 voters just at that booth by Team Hopeee. “Team Changeee” manned the second voter registration booth setup outside an Earth Fare grocery store on Kingston Pike in Knoxville. Despite the reduced foot traffic as compared to the Farmer’s Market booth, Team Changeee still helped 19 voters get registered. Team Changeee employed some unconventional tactics though with volunteers ranging in age from 6 months to “having been old enough to vote for John F. Kennedy”. Everyone at Team Changeee’s booth were treated to live entertainment as one local volunteer played a mandolin! All in all, the National Day of Action was a fantastic success in Knoxville. So, the next time someone asks you, “How’s all that hopey, changey stuff working out?” be sure to let them know just how well Team Hopeee and Team Changeee are doing out in Knoxville. We’re still fired up and going!

Knoxville's Team Changeee

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