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Keeping middle class taxes low: “It's the right thing to do”

Since President Obama asked Americans to join him in urging Congress to keep taxes low for the middle class, folks across the country have written in to explain what saving $2,200 in taxes would mean to them:

"Saving my family $2,200 would help to feed, diaper, and clothe our six-month old daughter, especially during both of our transitions in to finishing our Masters program."
—Lee, Pennsylvania

"My husband and I both work for small business owners, and we are small business owners ourselves! We absolutely need to keep taxes on the middle class from increasing, not just for us but for our bosses, our coworkers, for America! Please, please resolve the gridlock in Washington. We are all Americans. We are all in this together."
—C, California

"I would be able to almost completely pay off a student loan. I would be able to move and furnish an apartment. I would be able to make five car payments."
—Alicia, New York

"$2,200 would put an unbelievable strain on my finances. I am maxed out and barely treading water now. Increase taxes on those who can afford it and extend the tax cuts for us middle-class folks. It's the right thing to do. If I made over $250,000 a year (five times what I take home) I would honestly be happy to pay more taxes by all means."
—Jane, Washington

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