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Katie L. of Birmingham Is In for Obama 2012!

In person conversations across Michigan continue as part of the “I’m In for Obama 2012” effort. These conversations give us great insight into what grassroots leaders think we should do to build our movement in their community. Conversations like the one we recently had with Katie L of Birmingham are critical to tailoring our efforts to there and communities across Oakland County.

Katie L.

Katie L. started volunteering back in 2008 during the primaries. Her mother lived in Indiana, where Katie grew up.

During her sit down meeting, Katie revealed, “After reading his autobiography, my mother wanted to live to see Barack Obama elected president.” Sadly, her mother passed away before the November election.

“Volunteering for the campaign and working so hard to make sure my mom’s wish came true, brought closure and peace to a very painful time.” When the primaries were over, Katie returned to Michigan and canvassed in Detroit and her own community of Birmingham right up through the victory on November 4th.

It’s been a while since Katie has been part of the movement, but now she is ready to jump back into grassroots organizing. She is an artist who plans to make time to ensure President Obama serves another four years so he can continue with his ambition agenda and vision for America.

Do you share Katie’s enthusiasm and determination? Live in Birmingham or elsewhere in Oakland County? You can join Katie and be IN for Obama 2012 by contacting Melissa Bernardi at [email protected] and clicking here to find events near you!

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