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Justin Long: actor, Granite State Games officiator and long-time Obama supporter

Justin Long (from the famed Apple TV ads, among other things) spent his whole day in the Granite State yesterday, talking to folks about why he's supporting President Obama. Justin also officiated two events in our Granite State Games, a role arguably as important as spreading the President's message.

After talking about the importance of re-electing the President, collecting pledges to vote on November 6th from students, and answering questions, Justin kicked off the dodgeball game (he reviewed the ever-important five D's –Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge) and then got in a round himself. We don't know if he does all his own stunts, but anyone who was there yesterday can tell you–this guy needs no dodgeball standin.

Next, we moved on to Manchester for the OFA-NH “Hoops. Action.Forward” 3x3 basketball tournament, where Justin caught the semi-finals and finals. With 16 teams entered, it was a battle of the strongest and fastest to the championship. After a fast paced, high intense final, Justin presented the winners with their well-earned medals, and reminded everyone just how important it is for everyone to play their part this November.

Prizes were awarded, friends were made and volunteer sign up sheets were completed. It’s events like this that really make a campaign come together.

You can check out the day in pictures in our photo gallery. If you think it looks like fun, join us to be part of the action.

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