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"Just what we needed"


First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a call for women supporting President Obama last month, and hundreds of volunteers joined in at listening parties across New York.

Nora., a volunteer host of one of these parties in New York City, writes:

This was my first time hosting a house party for Women for Obama. I was joined by four fellow Obama supporters to listen in on the call with Michelle. It was a fun night of meeting new people, having a few laughs, and discussing the important issues facing our country.

President Obama has been a strong and consistent supporter of women, and we all recognize how important it is to keep him in the White House. Over the next 10 months we will fight for President Obama so that he can continue to fight for us.

Listening to Mrs. Obama was just what we needed to get energized for the election ahead. We all know how much is at stake – not just for women, but for all Americans.

Joshelle attended a lively event as well:

The "Finger Food Pot Luck Gathering for Obama" started out with light refreshments before we tuned in to our First Lady. [She spoke] words of hope and inspiration.

Afterwards, everyone told their personal stories, explaining why they support the President and how they plan to help in the days ahead. We discussed upcoming events and goals for the state and ended the night by mingling with fellow volunteers.

These house parties were just the beginning of our Women for Obama organizing in New York. To celebrate Women’s History Month this March, join Women for Obama for the latest.

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