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Just pick up the phone

Volunteering for this campaign is as easy as picking up the phone, and we’ve got a nifty online call tool to help you do it.

Whether you have a spare moment in your day to reach out to an undecided voter or you want to recruit for your upcoming house party, the call tool gives you everything you need to make a connection.

Lauren, an organizing fellow from Kansas, has become a call tool pro. She describes herself as “obsessed” with voting—so she’s doing everything she can to reach out to folks in Kansas and talk about what’s at stake this November.

“I don’t even remember the first time I used the call tool. Honest. It’s been around and I’ve used it for different things, to make calls for a specific cause, for recruitment—I hosted a State of the Union house party and used it to invite people. I’ve reconnected with people who have been involved in this campaign the past—and I had about 50 people turn out. It gives you everything you need: the person’s name, a little bit about them, it gives you your script, and then you’re done. And it puts you in touch with people who you might not know in your area.

“It’s about motivating people to take the next step forward, whether it’s voting or getting people involved. It’s so weirdly rewarding, even though you might make a bunch of calls and not talk to a lot of people. I made 40 calls last night, and I talked to maybe six people—but each one was very gung-ho for President Obama, and that was a reward in itself.”

Log in here to get started today. Every call you make is one more voter who has a link to this campaign, and one more person who can help grow our organization in your state.

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