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Jumping into 2012: Why fall fellow Loretta is in!

My name is Loretta Giannotti , and “I’M IN” support of President Obama. Barack Obama's message of "Yes We Can" resonates from Hawaii to Maine and all the states in between.

Loretta Giannotti October 2011 (1)

The United States had been in trouble since 2000 thanks to financial institutions, an inflated housing market, the outsourcing of jobs and the excessive tax breaks for corporate America.

Since the Winter of 2008, President Obama has brought back hope, unity and taking care of each other. He has once again secured our nation, reducing our fears by pulling out our troops from wars. He also passed health care reform and is providing renewable energy incentives for homeowners and companies.

President Obama has made difficult decisions that weren't always popular. I will do my part as a volunteer organizer for Obama for America 2012 to help him stay till 2016. I’M IN support of President Obama because I need him to continue his leadership and guidance for United States of America.
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