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"Jump in feet first, and don't be afraid."

Dick M. pic

In 2008, Dick picked up and moved from New York to Pennsylvania. There he registered voters, made calls, and went door-to-door to build support for President Obama in this key battleground state. It was a great experience, Dick says, because he got "a chance to hear what’s on people’s minds and to move them a little bit.”

As an activist since the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's, it's no surprise that this year Dick's immersed himself in the President's campaign once again, as the data director for his Downtown East neighborhood team. Moved to action by principles of fairness and justice, Dick says he's driven because:

“The one percent has more economic clout and political power than they’ve had in one hundred years, and that’s just wrong. And the President has taken some good steps in the face of lots of opposition to move us to a more equitable society.”

What are some words of wisdom from this seasoned organizer? Dick says if you're looking to get involved, he suggests you “give yourself to the campaign – jump in feet first and don’t be afraid.”

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