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July 16th Was A True Day of Action in Missouri

It was a true Day of Action in Missouri, with events in St. Louis and Kansas City. Volunteers who were out in full force doing the work people normally don’t think of until months before an election. Not even our hot July weather could deter these dedicated Obama supporters. They were knocking on doors, tabling at public events, and registering new voters. These volunteers are the backbone of this grassroots campaign and it’s being built from the ground up.


Supporters aren’t stopping there, though. Many supporters used this weekend to get closer to completing the 50 for 50 challenge. The challenge is to bring 50 new people into this campaign in time for the President’s 50th birthday. They’ll automatically be given a chance to be one of four supporters who will join the President for a birthday celebration in Chicago after they hit 50. But it’s not too late for you to join them by signing up HERE!

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