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Julianne Moore in N. Virginia: Make Your Voice Heard

Actress Julianne Moore at an Alexandria voter outreach event.

“If you care about who occupies the White House in the next four years, then it’s important to make your voice heard!” That’s the message to Virginia voters from actress, Julianne Moore.

At stops in Alexandria and Arlington she saw a lot of passion from voters who really care about this election. With 8 days left in this close election, her advice to eligible Virginia voters: think about voting now, absentee in-person.

Julianne Moore urged eligible voters who know they will not be in their voting precincts on November 6 to give their support to President Obama now by voting with an absentee ballot. “Make your voice heard!” the actress said.

Allison did just that today during a visit to the Beatley Central Library in Alexandria. Along with picking up books for her kids, she cast her vote for President Obama.

“This election is even more important to me now than the vote in 2008. My vote today was also a vote for my daughter ad protecting her rights. I’ve listened to the debate about women’s issues and for me, voting for President Obama was a ‘no brainer.’ This is about my daughter’s future.”

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