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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Makes Calls for President Obama

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

She recently won an Emmy Award for playing the vice president on HBO’s Veep, but this weekend in Los Angeles Julia Louis-Dreyfus was just another volunteer making phone calls on behalf of the president.

“I believe very strongly in the grassroots approach to this election. It worked last time and I believe it will work again this time. In 2008, I went to Nevada with my family and walked door-to-door. So we’re happy to do whatever we can, whenever we can, wherever we can. We’re here to help.”

The actress attended one of the biggest GOTV phone banks in California with her husband Brad Hall and their fifteen-year-old son. They made personal pleas to voters in battleground states and also talked to fellow volunteers about why this election is so important.

“If you live in California there’s a lot you can do for President Obama. One of them is of course to go to a phone bank and help get out the vote. You can also go to Nevada, to Reno or to Vegas and help people understand where they can go to vote. If they’re undecided you can persuade them to vote for President Obama, which is absolutely the right choice.”

There’s still time to sign up to travel to Nevada during the last week or attend Get Out the Vote phone banks. Follow Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ lead and do whatever you can to re-elect President Obama.

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