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Spotlight: Juan Baez's Nashua business ties him to the community

Last week, we posted about Claudio Rodriguez, a Nashua restaurant owner supporting the President. This week, we're spotlighting another Nashua business owner, Juan Baez.

Juan's company provides a number of services to the community in the surrounding neighborhood. Juan's guidance navigating tax forms, help with bill payments, and assistance setting up cell phone service are all examples of ways Juan helps folks build a life in the United States.

Juan explains his work:

I serve everybody, but mostly my customers from the Latino community. People need someone to explain to them how taxes work here, how to pay their bills.

Juan explained how the recession, with its magnified impact on Latinos, took its toll in Nashua:

There were a lot of people, immigrants especially, who left town because there was no work, there was nothing to do.

Juan estimates that he lost almost 75% of his customers to the recession in 2008 and 2009. But all of that began to turn around with President Obama's Recovery Act.

When President Obama provided funds to the states to create construction projects — bridges, highways — that's when the economy started growing again. It worked. It's still working. Little by little people went back to work and have money to spend.

Juan contrasts this recovery to the situation before President Obama took action:

Three or four years ago, a lot of stores closed. I thought I might have to close the doors because I couldn't pay the bills. Right now, you don't hear about so many companies closing their doors or sending thousands of people home. It's getting better. A lot better.

Juan doesn't believe the recovery now under way would have been possible without President Obama's leadership:

To me, he seems like a person who gives everything just to see that his country gets better. He fights for what he believes people need the most. If we understand that we can work as a community, that we can work together, big things can be done.

Show your support for the President — join Latinos for Obama right now.

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