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Josh says, ”Obama Is My Man”

Josh thinks Barack is the man

Josh and his mom, Sherry stopped by OFA-Missouri headquarters to pick up some buttons and bumper stickers. Josh may be young and just a bit shy, but ask him who his man is, and he quickly puts that shyness aside with a decided “Obama!”

Sherry is a big supporter of the President, and personally thinks that Josh favors Barack just a bit. As a neighborhood team leader, Sherry is working hard to help reelect the President. She wants to make sure Josh’s America is one of possibilities: one that guarantees he’ll have healthcare coverage, equal educational opportunities, and the chance to succeed in the career of his choice. She wants an America where Josh can see his parents succeed and learn by example the merits of hard work and good citizenship.

“The future I want for Josh might not happen if the Republicans win the White House in November and begin to dismantle the progress we’ve made. It is imperative that we reelect President Obama and give him a Democratic Congress so we can continue moving our country forward.”

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