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Keep the momentum growing

Below is a special message from Jon Carson to all the OFA volunteers who have taken part in Action August so far:


You and your chapters and teams are making it happen. You're changing the conversation after just one week.

I've followed your photos, your tweets, your stories. I read the articles in local newspapers across the country, covering the action that you've generated. When you came together on August 4th to host Obamacare events, you started an unstoppable movement to call out the misinformation and arm people with constructive, helpful facts about what Obamacare is and how it's working for them—from the forum you hosted in Ann Arbor to the flyering you did in Green Bay. And I can tell you're just getting started.

You roared into the immigration day of action, demanding that Representative Ted Poe in Texas either stand with his constituents or stand alone; pressing Representative Schock in Illinois for the answers you deserve. And just hours after your event outside his office, Rep. Schock endorsed a pathway to earned citizenship. Five Republican representatives have come out in support of comprehensive immigration reform in the past few days alone, thanks to your work. From Rep. Schock to Rep. Daniel Webster in Florida, Dave Reichert in Washington, Paul Ryan in Wisconsin and Jeff Denham in California, folks are listening, and they know that the time is now.

But as you know too well, we're not even close to being done. Every day is a day of action. Every event is one that counts. When you call out climate deniers on Tuesday, make it count. When you demand action on gun violence prevention on August 21st, make it count.

Count every town hall and rally and phone bank and press conference. Speak up for the policies that you voted for, that you deserve. Demand that your representatives represent you.

I know you will.

Incredible work, everybody. Let's keep the momentum growing. On to week two.


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