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Join Us at a Neighborhood Team Convention This Weekend

Neighborhood teams are the foundation of the Obama 2012 campaign. From the Upper Valley to the Seacoast, our teams have been the key to our successful organizing over the past few months—from our first-in-the-nation primary to State of the Union house parties and women to women phone banks. The organizing we’re doing in New Hampshire begins and ends with these teams of dedicated volunteers. And they’re ready for you to join them—find a convention happening near you here.

This weekend, neighborhood team conventions are happening across the Granite State. These conventions are a great chance for new and old volunteers to get together to learn about building and growing teams in their communities to connect supporters to the Obama campaign. They’ll have an opportunity to share best practices and challenges they face in their organizing and to get to know their neighbors a little better.

We’d love to have you join a team convention—find the closest one to you here and RSVP today

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