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Our passionate and dedicated volunteer John draws more people to the 2012 campaign

John meets other North Phoenix Democrats

During the 2010 election, I made phone calls for many candidates. I befriended many people, and one was a woman who ran for office in Legislative District 10 where I live. I had been encouraged by fellow Democrats that I should become more involved in my LD. My friend told me that a meeting was coming up and gave me the address and time. Recently, I was making phone calls from the campaign headquarters for the "I'm In" campaign and I called a woman on my list, who turned out to be a precinct captain in LD10.

When I got there, a candidate for mayor was going to address the group. I had met him before and we greeted each other. His Q & A session went well. Some of the members were curious that I knew the candidate personally and asked me to introduce myself. I shared my personal story and history with campaigns, the people I knew in the LD, and the woman I spoke with. Then I explained the "I'm In" campaign and asked them to join. All in attendance said of course they would join. Following the campaign program, I am following up with the one-on-ones (individual meetings) with each them.

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