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How this Obamacare skeptic became a supporter

I’m a small business owner and have been for years. Politics has never been something that really affected my day-to-day life or business. I would talk politics with some friends here and there, but it didn’t preoccupy me. But on one topic, I had to speak up—the Affordable Care Act.

The law is really working for me and my family. That’s why I’ve been so shocked with some of the coverage of the topic in the news, because it’s really not representative of my experience.

I’m a 48-year-old married guy and the father of two beautiful young children. I’ve been working since I can remember, and I built my own construction company from the ground up. That’s no small feat, and I'm proud of it. A few years ago, I sold the business to take some time off, and now I'm looking forward to doing it all over again with a new venture. What can I say? I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I can’t shake the instinct.

As a small business owner, I buy health insurance for myself and my family on my own. And the rates have just been going up and up and up with no end in sight, especially over the past few years. Take last year, for instance: for my family, I was paying more than $800 per month just in premiums. And that’s with a sky-high deductible. At some point, I just said enough of this. I can’t pay anymore.

So, when the marketplace opened in New York last fall, I checked out my options. The whole thing was really easy, and the person assisting me was incredibly helpful. I signed my family up, and as of January 1st, I am saving a whopping $500 per month in premiums. And my deductible is almost a third of what it was just a few weeks ago.

There’s no two ways about it: Saving a fortune on health coverage is going to make a huge difference in what I do. For starters, I’ll be able to put more into my new business.

Look, I was skeptical at first. Here in New York, I think we’re born skeptical. But I just don’t understand why a person would be against giving people a chance to get decent coverage at a good rate. Now, I tell my friends that they need to stop listening to the back and forth on the news and just go and check it out for themselves. It’s worth a shot.

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