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Joe Biden Huddles Up in Minneapolis


The Minneapolis South High School football team got the surprise of a lifetime when Joe Biden visited their pre-season practice on Tuesday during a visit to Minnesota.

“Hey guys, how’re you doing? I’m Joe Biden,” the Vice President said to the players and he walked on the field with the team’s head coach.

When you get hit, get up! When you get knocked down, get up! There's no quit in America. There's not a damn thing we can't do!


The Vice President, who was a former high school running back, talked about football and how the team was looking for the start of the season. And he talked about their education.

How many of you are planning to play in college? How many of you are planning on going to college? All of you, put your hands up. I believe there’s not a thing you can’t do, to make this country the greatest country in the world. The generation you guys are going to live through is going to be absolutely mind-blowing. You’ve got to get your education. You’ve got to be able to know how to know.

When a player asked if he thought they’d win the election, Joe Biden was unequivocal, “We’re going to win this race.”

To win, we’re going to need you on our team. Will you sign up and get involved today?

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