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Jim, An Exeter Fire Fighter: "I'm supporting the candidate who supports me."

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Biden spent the day here in New Hampshire meeting with Fire Fighters in Manchester and Exeter. Beau Biden spoke about what's at stake over the next four years and why President Obama and Vice President Biden are the right choice for the middle class:

“You and your brothers and sisters in the fire service turn out every day for this neighborhood. It’s people like you who keep our neighborhoods, our communities and our families safe. You need a president who thinks of you first, who provides you with the funding, the equipment and apparatuses you need to keep us safe. We have that in President Obama.”

Jim, was one of the Fire Fighters who came to hear what Beau Biden had to say because he knows the President has his back:

"Obama and Biden are working for the middle class and that's what this nation needs. As a fireman here in Exeter, I'm just a regular guy who works with a great team. We don't need praise, we do our job because it's our duty. What we need is support and cuts to front line services is no way to show that. I'm supporting the candidate who supports me."

Mitt Romney has openly remarked that we don’t need as many firefighters, police officers and teachers on our front line. We need to protect those who serve us, now more than ever, their work should never go unsung. Our President is forever grateful and a vote for him in November is a vote to protect those on the front line, who, without question, protect you every day.

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