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Jewish Americans for Obama


I am an enormous supporter of President Obama and I volunteer full-time for his grassroots re-election campaign. He has made so much progress over the course of his Presidency including averting a financial depression, saving the auto industry, helping the country create jobs, passing the Matthew Shephard Hate Crimes Act, repealing DADT, passing the Affordable Care Act, making sure women get equal pay for equal work, appointing two women including a Latina to the Supreme Court, and doing so much to help our returning veterans and military families. And this is only part of what he has accomplished.

As a Jewish American, there is another issue that is important to me. Iʼm sure it’s also important to a large segment of the population, but it’s an issue we don’t hear about often. It is President Obamaʼs support for Israel. It has always been a bipartisan article of faith that no matter what, despite any policy disagreement, the United States and Israel are strategic allies and partners based on shared democratic principles, shared moral values, and mutual security interests. As with any friend, there are disagreements from time to time, but the friendship overall remains steadfast and solid.

This continues with President Obama. Despite some who try to misinform, we remain Israelʼs staunchest ally. Israelʼs future security is of the utmost importance to this President and his administration. He has asked for and received more in financial aid and security assistance for Israel than any other president in history. President Obama has done more to protect Israelʼs borders than any other administration, including securing more money for production of defense systems for Israel, accelerating technical support and intelligence support. Any Israeli analyst or diplomat will likely say that the Obama administration has offered Israel an unprecedented level of unhindered, unrestricted military support and cooperation. He is trying to secure Israelʼs future in a difficult region and I think he deserves a tremendous amount of credit for his unwavering support of Israel.

I’m in because of the President’s support of Israel. Check out the Jewish Americans for Obama webpage to join me.

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