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"Jetta, Please Hold For The President"

The phone rings. There is that slight pause; you know the kind you get with robo calls. I'm ready to CLICK. Then I hear

,”Jetta, please hold for the President.”
Yeah, right...but now I'm curious. I wait... ”Hello Jetta and John, this is Barack Obama”.

It was that familiar deep and warm voice – it was our President! The call was to thank my husband and me for the work we've been doing to increase voter registrations in New Mexico. We've set up a plan to add to our list of our Voter Registration Agents, reactivate our inactive VRA's and target events to get voters updated and registered. Our project has grown to be county wide and we hope to be a model for the state.

Make the call New Mexico2

We had a chat exchanging our appreciation of his work and ours, we discussed prospective results for 2012 (we're going to win). The call concluded with President Obama's very sincere thanks for our work.

What we take away from this exciting experience is that ALL, volunteers for OFA/DNC are appreciated. I don't know why we both were singled out as what we do is far less than what is done by so many others in Albuquerque. Everyone's contribution, no matter how small or how large does make a difference and is appreciated. The thanks is knowing you do what you can.

To become a voter registrar and help the community like Jetta send us an email at [email protected] for information on our next voter registrar training. OFA NM highlights their volunteers on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to look at our photos and follow us to stay connected.

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