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Jennifer: Credit card reform "makes a huge difference"

"I want to say thank you to President Obama for making sure credit card companies make their statements easier to read. That might not seem like such a big thing ... but it is!

"As I go through five-plus years of credit card statements to help get our financial situation under control, I can see exactly when the change in the policies happened. It's amazingly easier to see what is owed—including up-to-date summaries of our interest and fees. This helps us make better choices when working to pay things off. Though there is still fine print to be aware of, it's nothing like it was before! Forcing the card companies to make things easier to read and more transparent has made it so we can make better choices, take responsibility for the things we can actually see, and make the changes that are needed to keep the credit black hole from getting larger.

"As we try to face our current financial struggles, this makes a huge difference."

—Jennifer, California

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