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Story #26: Jane and Jerry are as fired up for the President now as they were in 2008

Jerry and Jane


“I was brought up in a family that benefited from Democrat initiatives. I saw the difference in everything, from helping my father’s small business thrive to supporting the civil rights movement, an issue close to my parent’s heart. I learned at an early age that the Republican Party wasn't a party with us in mind. I see compassion in the President, he doesn't think of big business first, but the little guy, the small business owner, the single mother, and the retiree living off of social security.”

“Jerry and I were completely swept up by the enthusiasm of the President's 2008 campaign. It was hard not to be caught up by the buzz and excitement. It wasn't a hard decision for us to get involved again this year. The President's optimism in 2008 is what excited me about him then. It's his commitment and drive to help the middle class that's got us caught up again in this campaign. I like that he bases his decisions on fact, however hard that decision may be. He listens to experts, because of what they know, not who they know. It's so refreshing.”


“Jane and I have seen the positive changes that the President's commitments have made to the lives of fellow seniors. We are regular volunteers with the AARP and it's through this work that we've seen real life impacts. We notice the benefits too of course, but there's something about hearing it from a complete stranger, it hits home a little harder. It's not just my generation I'm thinking of when I volunteer here. It’s my daughters' too. What kind of future are they going to have under a Romney administration? I’m fighting hard for a better future for my girls and my fellow retirees.”


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