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James M. is IN for Obama 2012 Because of the Efforts to Rebuild the American Economy

Since President Obama announced he was running for re-election and we launched our I’m in program, we’ve asked Michiganders across the state why they’re in. We would not be able to have all of these critical conversations without help from grassroots leaders like James M. of Flint. The conversation James has had with his neighbors involved him telling them why he is in as well.


“From the beginning President Obama spoke of the better America. He spoke of going from neighborhood to neighborhood, block to block, and empowering our neighbors to be a part of the process".

Why is James IN for Obama 2012 you might ask? Well, central to James’s better America was the President’s efforts to rescue an economy in free fall.

“Another reason I’m in for the re-election of President Obama is the economic realities that this country faced the time from 2007 until January 20, 2009. The country suffered an economic collapse of housing prices and the market. The country faced bank failures, collapse because of the credit market because of credit default swaps, losses in the stock market, and increasing unemployment for American citizens.”

President Obama took immediate and bold action to rescue and rebuild our economy. He passed the Recovery Act, made a big investment in the restructuring of GM and Chrysler, helped small businesses, and pushed for Wall Street Reform.

James M. is IN because President Obama rebuilt the American economy, but James can’t do it alone. This movement starts from the grassroots and starts with you! Want in? Click here to let us know you’re in or drop us a line at [email protected]

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