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It’s time to #PutSolarOnIt

On the summer solstice—the longest day of the year—hundreds of clean energy supporters across the country got together to inform people of the facts on solar power and encourage them to be a part of the growing movement. From tweeting to identifying places that could benefit from solar, volunteers got the word out that it’s time to #PutSolarOnIt.

In the past 18 months, our country has installed more solar energy than in the past 30 years. The cost of solar panels has dropped drastically. With affordability, accessibility, and responsibility in mind, it's a great time to switch to clean energy and raise awareness about solar power.

Here are some highlights:

Wilmington, Delaware—Limestone Presbyterian Church's solar installation will supply about two-thirds of the church's annual electricity needs.

Albuquerque, New Mexico—Volunteers in Albuquerque held an event at the Downtown Growers' Market, where they had Justin Dewey, a dedicated solar professional, speak about the benefits of solar electricity generated by the portable "Solar Roller.”

San Rafael, California—Marin County volunteers held a solar-themed fair with prizes and a dance party featuring local leaders in sustainability and plenty of California sunshine. Speakers included San Rafael City Council member Kate Colin, David Kunhardt of Sustainable Marin and SolEd Benefit Corp., Marin County supervisor Susan Adams, and Ed Mainland, Energy Chair for the Sierra Club.

Knoxville, Tennessee—Tennessee volunteers celebrated the summer solstice with three different styles of solar-powered cars.

Dayton, Ohio—Volunteers in Dayton took action by informing their community of the benefits of switching to solar and how buildings in their community could get started.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin—A representative from a local solar panel installation explained how the cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically in the last few years.

See more events from across the country in the slideshow below:

Have you had success with solar in your home town? Join the call for a cleaner future, and share your story about how you're fighting climate change in your community.

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