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2011.10.15-Papa Lewis-3
“Hi! Are you registered to vote?”

Restaurant goers at Papa Lew’s in Kansas City got a special offering with their dining experience this past Saturday: an opportunity to register to vote. OFA-Missouri volunteers joined with owner, Miss Doris L. and her son Marvin, as they turned their support for President Obama into action. It’s the stuff that grassroots organizing is made of: community members becoming community organizers, sharing their passion and bringing neighbors together for the common good.

 2011.10.15-Papa Lewis-2
Supporters sign “I’m In” pledge cards at Papa Lew’s

Hosting a voter registration event is just one way community members are showing their support for President Obama’s 2012 Campaign. Folks are also opening their homes and businesses to organizing meetings, phone banks, and team building events. Amazing people are doing amazing things to help re-elect our President.

2011.10.15-Papa Lewis-1
Two supporters join Miss Doris Lyman and volunteer Markise R.

Feel the excitement. Get involved!

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