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“It’s one thing to vote for somebody, but I think there’s one more layer to it..."

Genevieve C., a freshman at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, volunteered with the Organizing for America - Wisconsin team when President Obama visited her campus last week.

“I knew coming to the University of Wisconsin it was really important to be involved in the political process, because I felt that it goes hand-in-hand with getting an education. I won’t be able to have an education if there aren’t people advocating for students in Washington.”

My dad was the first in his family to go to college, and I will need access to affordable student loans to get the education I want. Not having factors holding you back that are out of your control, that’s why I support the president.

“So my friend has been volunteering for a while and encouraged me to join when the president came to campus, so I registered voters as they were walking to Bascom Hill. There were hundreds of other volunteers helping people register to vote – it was great to see all those like-minded people. A lot of people we’re passing by and telling us ‘good job” as they walked by and “thank you” to us for being out there, and we really appreciated it.”

“The energy at the event was amazing, Tammy Baldwin spoke really well and students got a lot more exposure to her that may not be as clued into local politics. It was an eye-opener and got everyone charged up for President Obama.”

“The whole day was really, really fun, so afterward I was like ‘oh, I want to do a little bit more.’”

“The field organizer was super easy-going about have people just come in, so I just popped in today and got started phone-banking. Most people on the line were very responsive, supporting and wanting to come in to get out the vote. I got a couple people to volunteer for that, so that was good.”

It’s one thing to vote for somebody, but I think there’s one more layer to it, when you can feel like a part of it. You can be a piece of the puzzle that is this presidential campaign – however big or small, you’re still a piece.”

“For those who couldn’t make it to see President Obama because they live far away or in rural areas, I say try to get as involved as you can at a local level, because every vote is important. A lot of times, those smaller towns are where it’s most important, letting people know who’s running for election, what the issues are and knowing when to vote.”

“It’s getting down to the wire, so it will be fun to be a part of it.”

It is getting down to the wire. It's your vote, your voice – make it count.

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