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“It’s never too early to plan ahead”

Beth, New Hampshire

"I've been passionately campaigning for the President since 2008. My energy and enthusiasm for this campaign and what it means hasn't faded at all—and it's not going to. For me, this election boils down to one thing: my two boys. They're the reason I came out and volunteered in 2008 and they're the reason I’m here now. This is about their future, and the future of all our kids, and I feel it's my responsibility to do everything I possibly can to make sure that future is secure.

“My family has lived in Bedford for the last 14 years; it’s been a great place to raise my children. Sometimes, when I get a moment to myself, I look around and I think about what our world would look like with Mitt Romney in the White House. I want my children to grow up in a world where we look out for each other, where we can rely on the support of our neighbors, our community, and those in the most powerful positions. Mitt Romney wants to create a country where it's every man for himself. That's dangerous, and it's not who we are.

“Whether it’s their education, their health care or access to opportunities, it all comes down to what happens in November and the choice people make. I want people to see past Election Day, see beyond the next four years, because the decisions a president makes in four years will continue to have an impact for generations. So, my boys may be a long way off from attending college, and even further away from getting their first full-time job, but we should be thinking about their futures now. It’s never too early to plan ahead.”

Beth, New Hampshire

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