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It's Just the Beginning!

Less than a week after President Obama launched the 2012 campaign, more than 35 volunteers from all over the state of Indiana—from Jeffersonville to Gary—came together in Indianapolis to hear about the “I’m In” campaign and learn how to better organize their respective communities.

The energy in the room was palpable. As each volunteer leader shared why he or she was involved with the campaign, heads nodded in agreement and a few tears were even shed.

Check out some pictures from our Statewide Leaders Summit.

Chelsey W., a Community Organizer from Indianapolis, summed up everyone’s sentiments by saying:

“I’m involved with the campaign because I want to protect the progress the President has made. I continue to be involved with the campaign because the President continues to work on behalf of the American people. The President said it best: getting him elected in 2008 was just the first step—we have to keep working to help him accomplish his agenda.”

While the Statewide Leaders Summit we held a few weeks ago was incredibly inspiring, it was only the beginning of a long and exciting journey to 2012. There is a great deal to do, and we need each Hoosier to play a role in this campaign.

This campaign begins with you.

If you’re in Indiana and want “IN” E-mail us or sign up here.

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