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“It’s important that everyone exercises their freedom to vote.”

Mel believes in Barack Obama. He also believes that voting is a right everyone should exercise.

That’s why he volunteered to set up a voter registration effort at four Oakland Community College campuses — and the response exceeded his expectations.

“With the help of almost 40 volunteers, we registered 1,100 voters in four weeks.”

As a retired OCC faculty member who taught psychology and social work, Mel knew a college campus would be a great place to register voters. He says school personnel were very accommodating: setting up tables, creating fliers, making signs and even printing T-shirts for volunteers to wear.

Registering students and young first-time voters was Mel’s initial objective, but some of the people they reached surprised him.

“One of our volunteers had moved around a lot so she’d never registered. Now she’s in her early 40s and was very excited to register for the first time.”

After the voter registration deadline passes, Mel, who lives in West Bloomfield, will be helping his local OFA office follow up with people they registered to make sure they get to the polls.

“Voting is a personal right, and it’s important that everyone exercises their freedom to vote.”

There’s no time to waste. Make sure you’re registered to vote before the October 9th deadline.

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