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"It's going to be worth it"


“For 40 years, I taught at a California state university. I saw firsthand what my students went through in trying to pay for college—most of them worked at least part-time to pay for their education. But many of them still needed financial aid and scholarships. My own son is attending college right now, and he’s had to take out loans to pay for his tuition. Unfortunately that means he’ll be required to find a well-paying job as soon as he graduates so he can start paying them back.

“That’s why I support the work President Obama has done to make college more affordable, by doubling funding for Pell Grants and consolidating loan payments. He understands that having an educated workforce is important for the future of our country, and for the jobs of the future. We really need to continue to train our students for the modern marketplace.

“So despite my initial discomfort, now I’m excited to go into volunteer at my neighborhood field office. It’s going to be worth it when we win this November 6th.”

Kara, Nevada

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