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“It’s Elementary”

Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard from folks across the country who are joining President Obama in urging Congress to pass the American Jobs Act.

Kevin Hanna has a degree in elementary education. He’s been looking for work since getting laid off from his first teaching job.

“When I graduated, people would tell me I had made a great career choice, because there would always be a need for teachers,” he says. “My first year out of school I worked for a daycare. Then I got a job teaching kindergarten, but I lost my job and wasn’t hired back for the next school year.”

“There have been very few job opportunities in the Connecticut area since then… I’ve had a lot more job interviews—I had one just yesterday, and I’ve got another one today.”

Passing the American Jobs Act will help support schools as the economy continues to recover from the recession, says Kevin.

“I think one of the issues is that schools are cutting their budgets. Having more money in education will make it so that new teachers like me have more jobs to apply for, and we’ll be able to have smaller classes.”

Kevin says speaking up in support of the American Jobs Act is an obvious choice for him.

“What I would say to Congress is if you don’t support this bill, you’re hurting me, and you’re hurting all teachers and public sector workers in the same situation as me.”

Click here for more information about the American Jobs Act—and don’t forget to call your members of Congress and let them know why they need to pass the bill.

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