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“It’s because of you”


The President wrapped up the Democratic National Convention tonight and to mark the occasion we held watch parties across the state. In Portsmouth, we spoke with Allegra, who joined us for the very first time since 2008. We wanted to know what it was that made her want to be a part of the watch party this evening:

“Hearing President Clinton last night that made me realize that I need to be a part of this campaign. Looking back at these past four years, its felt at times like we’ve been swimming up-stream. But the fact is we've made huge progress on healthcare and taken big positive steps forward on the economy. Rebuilding such a damaged economy is not a quick job.”

“I knew the President was going to give a good speech, but tonight was something truly momentous. We know this race is tight, but the President gave a speech that very clearly spelt out the two choices that voters have in November. We can choose to move forward together and to continue to build on the progress we have made, or to stop dead in our tracks, and even take great strides backwards on the progress we have made. We can't afford for this to happen. His words really struck a chord; I know that the time is now to play my part.”

We need you to play your part, too. Tomorrow, the Obamas and Bidens will stop by Portsmouth for their first post-convention trip. Their visit here immediately following the President's nomination in Charlotte really highlights how important New Hampshire is in this election. We very literally can't win this without you.

Come volunteer with us on Saturday. It's time to win this thing.

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