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It’s All About the Issues


Since OFA California’s San Francisco office opened its doors in September, local supporters have shown enthusiastic support for President Obama during the home stretch of this crucial election. Stop by any day of the week and you’ll find San Franciscans organizing projects, training new volunteers, and of course, phone banking. If you’re interested in making calls, but feeling a bit wary, don’t worry! A friendly phone bank coordinator like Shana B. will be waiting, with an encouraging smile, to walk new volunteers through the process.

Shana, a veteran volunteer coordinator and Phone Bank Coordinator, is an elementary and middle school counselor.

“It’s all about issues and the platform,” Shana says of her support for President Obama. “Yes, I think he’s a nice guy, but that’s not the reason I’m voting for him.”

Shana lists women’s reproductive rights, healthcare, social security, and of course, education, as key reasons why she is fighting for a second term.

Currently in between jobs, Shana saw her extra time as a gift – an opportunity to do something positive for herself, her community, and our country.

“I didn’t want to spend the time that I’m unemployed doing nothing,” she explains.

Shana signed up for her first shift as soon as the San Francisco office opened and comes into the office five days a week with an upbeat, confident attitude that gets supporters fired up and ready to make calls. She works hard to instill confidence in those who may be nervous to speak with strangers over the phone, because she strongly believes that Barack Obama is “the only positive choice for America right now.”

Shana leads by example with a contagious enthusiasm and sense of purpose, which no doubt stems from her experience in youth counseling. She has even brought in some of her old students - now in high school – to make calls. The students were proud of themselves and grateful for the chance to get involved in the campaign, proving that no matter who you are, there are plenty of ways to support Barack Obama.

There are over a dozen field offices across California. Sign up to be a phone bank coordinator, like Shana, by attending an office volunteer training in your area.

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