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“It’s About Taking Care of People”

For Maree C., owning a small business is about a whole lot more than just making a profit and supporting her family (including its newest addition, an 18 month-old daughter) -- it’s also about being a leader.

Maree C.

So when people ask her why she supports President Obama and his healthcare reform law, which incentivizes small business owners to provide health care for their employees, she puts it simply: “I have a responsibility as a small business owner, and I want to step up to that responsibility. I want to provide for my employees, just as much as I want to provide for my family.”

Under the Affordable Care Act, small businesses are eligible for a tax credit to help pay for their health care premiums. The credit will increase to cover 50 percent of premium costs in 2014, and will reduce small business health care spending by nearly 9 percent.

President Obama has done more for small businesses than just provide them with better, affordable health care options for employees, though: he’s also passed tax cuts for small businesses 18 times, resulting in billions of dollars in tax relief. All in all, it’s a win-win, for both employees and business owners like Maree.

But more importantly, she says, it’s the right thing to do. “I trust President Obama. He’s looking out for businesses, and small businesses like mine, just like he’s looking out for the people who work for them. When you’re led by somebody you trust, you lead, too -- you step up to your responsibility as a small business owner. You take care of your employees. It’s about taking care of people.”

Learn more about President Obama’s accomplishments to support small businesses, help employees, and create stronger communities here.

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