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This isn’t just about re-electing the President; it’s about securing a brighter future for ourselves


The volunteers driving this campaign forward here in New Hampshire never cease to inspire and amaze us. Jonathan is a 21 year-old volunteer who's taken a lead role organizing the Latino Block Party coming up this weekend here in Manchester. He's been working on organizing projects like this tirelessly, even after completing a 13 hour shift at work.

He told us he's doing it because he knows how clear the choice is in this election–and how high the stakes are.

“I want people in my community to realize the magnitude of this election, really understand the magnitude of the decision we're making in November. I’m here now because I know the choice we make 54 days from now will impact an entire generation–my generation. This isn’t just about re-electing the President; it’s about securing a brighter future for ourselves. That's why I'm talking to as many people as possible. You know, it’s easy to bury yourself in the day-to-day, but we have a chance to really make a difference and to have a voice."

“For the first time in my lifetime, we have a President who's actually standing up for the people. Not some select group, but for everyone. He wants all of us to have the chance to succeed–even people who usually get overlooked or forgotten about. I was brought up with the mentality that hard work pays, that the only person that will stop you succeeding is yourself. President Obama shares these values, and wants to make sure that people who work hard still have the opportunity to get ahead."

Jonathan's looking forward to the Block Party this weekend, and sees it as a great way to get the community together. He told us:

“The Latino community is such a great network and I want this party to bring everyone here in Manchester together, have a great time, but also get engaged with the election and commit to vote. Getting people to start thinking about their choices and reminding them of the power they have in November to really make a difference."

If you're in Manchester, or anywhere near it, be sure to come out to Jonathan's Latino Block Party on Saturday–it's really not an event you want to miss.

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