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It's about people.

Tomorrow is Election Day. For me, it’s the culmination of several years of hard work, years I spent talking to people all across New Mexico. And one thing is crystal clear:

This campaign is about people.

It’s never been about the polls or the pundits or the deeply cynical view that our elections can be bought by the highest bidder.

This election is about Victor in Anthony, who used the organizing skills he learned during the President’s 2008 campaign to lead—and win—the fight to incorporate his community. Today his kids have a better shot at good schools, cleaner water and safer sidewalks.

It’s about Dianne in Taos, a licensed social worker who is called by her Catholic faith to support a President who fights for us all.

It’s about William, who walked the streets of Navajo country in the blistering summer heat because Barack Obama stands up for tribal communities in New Mexico and across America.

It’s about Lydia, a nursing student in Las Cruces, who has been phone banking in English and Spanish to empower her Hispanic neighbors and protect her rights as a woman.

It’s about Joshua in Corrales, who has a great new software job and a bright future ahead of him thanks to the President Obama’s work to make education more affordable.

It’s about Somáh in Albuquerque, who, for the first time ever, has a President speaking out for her right to marry the person she loves… regardless of her sexual orientation.

And it’s about my very good friend Judy. Judy received a free mammogram under Obamacare, which meant doctors could find and treat her breast cancer early, saving her life. And even as she was undergoing chemotherapy, Judy continued to make calls to her neighbors, encouraging them to vote to re-elect the President.

Tomorrow is about Judy, Somáh, Joshua, Lydia, William, Dianne, Victor… and all of New Mexico.

Tomorrow, we write history. Let’s win this thing.

A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for all of us. Find your polling location at

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