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"It's about helping everyone live with dignity."

I’ve always supported President Obama because he cares about all Americans — including people with disabilities like my daughter, who has autism. I’m volunteering by doing data entry for a neighborhood team, because I want to help protect the progress he’s made in helping people with disabilities live to their fullest potential.

President Obama has already done so much to give people with disabilities more opportunities to thrive. The Affordable Care Act is one example, because it eliminates discrimination based on pre-existing conditions and puts an end to lifetime caps on coverage.

He also signed into law the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act to improve the lives of Americans living with paralysis, and issued an Executive Order repealing restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. That research is going to have far-reaching impact for people with many different medical conditions.

President Obama is also committed to strengthening Medicare and Medicaid. Many people with disabilities rely on Medicaid — and someday, every one of us could be living with a disability, even if it’s just needing a walker. These aren’t hand-outs. It’s about helping everyone live with dignity.

We all need to lean on each other sometimes. That’s the common thread of our humanity. Our President is there for me and my family. Now I’m there for him, as a volunteer. You can do the same - find a neighborhood team near you.

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